Armageddon 2017!!!!

I’d like to start with a big apology because I have been absent from my blog for way too long and I let school and other things distract me so I’m sorry!!!! Now let’s start again but the right way this time.

Hello there my hobbits, elves, dwarves, men and women!

I think this was one of the best days of my life…. because I got to meet BILLY BOYD!!!! Freaking Pippin AKA Peregrine Took from LOTR (Lord of the Rings.)

Technically this happened a several weeks ago but psssh details 😉

We bought early bird tickets as you do but none of us were ready early enough so we ended up going an hour after it was open for those without an early bird pass. We were kinda stressed because we thought that meant we wouldn’t get to see Billy so my sister and I were preparing ourselves just in case we didn’t get to see him (luckily that didn’t happen.)

We got to the venue a wee while later and many odd looks from passengers in cars and found that we were one of the few cosplayers outside… that changed very quickly when we got inside. It was like a geek haven!! There was a bustling crowd of cosplayers and people dressed in regular clothing making their way to the stalls and the booths where signing and photo tokens could be bought.


We waited in the queue to meet Billy for a solid 25-30 minutes while everything was being set up and other people were having their photos with him and then finally it was our turn. I was really worried that he wasn’t going to be as friendly/ funny/ weird as Pippin (very realistic views, I know) but I was proved wrong and I have NEVER been happier about that.

Billy Boyd is the sweetest, funniest, little Scotsman I have ever met and meeting him was one of the highlights of my LIFE!!!!! I still remember most of what I said to him but the beginning when we were getting ready to take the photo was a bit of a blur. I was on his left and I was fangirling so hard inside cos he had his arm around my waist and he was half hugging me (side hugs count, k?)


I’m aware that sounds like I’m crushing on him but being hugged by an actor I genuinely love for the amazing role he played of Pippin (Peregrine Took) and just his acting in general was way more than I could handle. After we had our photo and left the closed off booth, I started tearing up and it didn’t take long for me to start crying full on tears. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed or amused at myself for crying but at the time I was just so happy, my emotions just burst out of me and I cry easily so the tears just made sense. Enough sappy stuff…. We also got to see a panel with him!!

I was way worse than this photo shows because this was taken after the big tears disappeared and I was trying to compose myself hahaha

Cyborg from the new Justice League movie was also there but we were way too focused on Billy to pay him much attention till way after.

Billy Boyd was simply hilarious on the panel (which consisted of him sitting on a couch and walking around) and even though he refused to sing Pippin’s song from the Return of the King (for a good reason that I totally understand and he probably gets asked that so often so again I get why he said no) it was so great being able to say that the first actor I met was Pippin!!!!

If you haven’t picked already I’m a massive LOTR fan and Pippin is my favourite hobbit (I told Billy that and he whispered “Me too”…. literally made my life!!!!)

Okay enough fangirling on my part but it was basically an amazing day and we also wandered around looking at all the different stores and there were some really cool stuff. There were at LEAST two stores that were selling weapons (legitimate weapons made out of metal… I actually picked up a sword and it was heavy!!!) I saw Sting (from Hobbit) and I spent a good few minutes drooling over it and I’m pretty sure the sales assistant guy thought I was going to buy it haha but it was around $80 and ain’t nobody got that much money for a freaking SWORD!!!!

Miltos (the river dancing/sword instructor guy to Arya from Ggame f Thrones) was also there and he saw my brother’s outfit when walking through the crowd, patted him on the back said that’s cool and then walked off. Two seconds later we were like “Was that the guy from……?!?!?!” It was unreal!! Especially because it was soo unexpected 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if any of you have been to any Geek events like Comic Con etc please do tell me all about it in the comments!!!

Anju out ❤




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  1. luimariablog says:

    aw that sounds amazing! where’s the photo of u with Billy Boyd? 😉 ❤ xx

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