Logan Review: Contains spoilers


Hello earthlings!!

Though I wrote review, this is gonna be more me fangirling about the movie haha 🙂 I saw it a few days ago at the cinema with the fam and… IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!

I think I’m allowed to be unnecessarily happy because this is the first good Wolverine movie but I think the last one with Hugh Jackman! 😦

I freaking love Laura because she is literally a small, more lethal and more open to others, girl version of Logan. I mean obviously they are both different and I love them both but it was kinda funny and sad watching this little girl with many of Logan’s characteristics and Logan… he was the same except he was getting old and I think the Adamantium was affecting him or something.

I also liked the fight scenes even though Logan is so old and quite slow… weirdly enough though, I’m happy that they finally decided to go down this road so that Wolverine can rest and we can remember Hugh Jackman as the incredible actor who portrayed one of our favourite superheroes for 17+ years!!!!!

I cried in this movie… not really saying much because movies can easily move me to tears haha but I like that there was true loss in this film instead of the glossed over stuff that they often do.

I think the reason why this movie is much better than others is because there are feelings of loss and its not sunshine and daisies 24/7 or even half the time.

Another reason that I think this movie was so successful was because they focused on one theme; one central idea and then built on it. Same with Civil War because even though there was a lot going on, people could relate to either or both Tony and Steve. Life is not black and white; it’s many shades of grey. You can’t help but feel things when you watch this movie because it reminds us of that…. I’m going to stop there in case any of you actually want to see the movie yourself…

I totally recommend it by the way!!!! 😀 It was so worth getting home at 10:50 and having less sleep and less time to get my statistics work done haha 😉

I hope I just convinced you to watch Logan 😉 Or if you already have, please leave a comment and tell me your favourite part of the movie!

I love talking/venting about movies!!! I hope you all enjoyed reading 🙂

Anju out ❤



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  1. All The Jazz says:

    I wanted to watch Logan in cinemas so badly but I’m under age (only by like 6 months😂) so I couldn’t go😭 My mum was a savage and went without me yesterday!😂 I’m glad you enjoyed it, all the reviews I’ve read are so positive and it’s making me want to watch it even more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mandalf584 says:

      Aww that sucks 😦 Maybe you could book it online and sneak in? Haha it’s by far the best Wolverine which is good because Jackman should at least have ONE good solo movie before giving up Wolverine 🙂 I hope you can see it!!!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All The Jazz says:

        That’s a pretty good idea, I might try it!😂 And I really hope I can see it too, I don’t wanna miss out!😂

        Liked by 1 person

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