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Good day earthlings!

How are we all? Basically today’s post is me talking about current events occurring (that occurred when I was writing it 😉 )in my hometown (home city sounds weird to me) so here goes…

I don’t think it’s internationally known but in Christchurch, specifically Port Hills there was a major fire and it had been going on for several days  and it was really quite a scary event. Because we’re a relatively small city I could literally see the orangey-red smoke rising from the hills from basically everywhere… school, home, on the bus, everywhere!

A several nights ago, I was on my phone perusing fb as you do when you have homework due and I heard this loud noise like a less rumbly but just as loud train noise and I walked outside and there were 6 HELICOPTERS flying not that high above the houses in front of us. It didn’t stop there either, I heard more noise and this time it was a 1000 times louder and I honestly thought there was ANOTHER helicopter above our house because it felt so close! It was way closer than the other 6 which in itself was terrifying and it wasn’t just one but 2!!!!! And a small drone looking thing further away.

Since then we’ve had a few rainfalls but now the hills look all smoggy… 😦

That’s me for today and  I hope I haven’t scared you so much but instead shared a natural disaster with you… I don’t really see how that’s better but I’m gonna stick with that.

Bye and stay safe people!


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  1. luimariablog says:

    omg yes, it was so scary! out by us the air was thick with ash… and we’re ages away from the hills!

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